Video tutorial and pattern

Are you a beginner and want to start with something simple, but at the same time not as simple as a ball?

Try these macarons, they are very easy and quick to make.


  • Hook 3 mm
  • Wool needle.
  • Scissors

We will do:

  • Magic ring
  • Single crochet (sc)
  • Increase (inc)
  • Slip stitch (sl st)

 If you don't know how to do any of these stitches, I leave you the link where you can watch some short video tutorials.

  • If you are left-handed, click here to go to the playlist.
  • If you are right-handed, click here to go to the playlist.

👁‍🗨 You can see the materials I have used and purchase them through AliExpress links here.

Here you have access to the video tutorial whether you are left or right-handed, below you have the pattern.

If you want to share this pattern, please pass on the link to this page.

 Let's start!

(The number you will see in parentheses behind the instructions is the number of stitches you will have at the end of the lap)

Upper and lower cookie:

Row 1: Magic ring 6 sc

Row 2: 6 increases (inc) (12)

Row 3: 1 sc - 1 inc (18)

Row 4: 2 sc - 1 inc (24)

Row 5: 3 sc - 1 inc (30)

Row 6: 30 sc

At the end of the 6th row cut the yarn without leaving the strand too short and pull the loop to remove the yarn (this step is at minute 2:03 of the video in case you have any doubts).   

                                                                                    Saco el hilo estirando con el ganchillo

With a wool needle, I pass the yarn through the following stitch

and pass the needle back over the previous stitch picking up only the back part of the stitch and not the whole stitch.

                                                                      Este paso está en el minuto 2:14 del vídeo

Stretch to adjust and we will pass the thread through 2 or 3 stitches on the fabric being careful not to go through the needle to the other side and that it is seen that we pass the thread. We finish by closing with 1 knot. We can cut the excess thread a little so that it does not bother us. 

In this amigurumi I will leave visible the back of the fabric, usually we leave the one we see in the image right now, but the back is a tighter stitch and I like the final result.

If you have any doubts, this step is at minute 2:40 of the video.  

If the excess yarn of the magic ring is left on the back side of the fabric, pull it through to the front side using a needle or crochet hook.

                                                Con ayuda de la aguja paso el hilo al otro lado

We change the color to the color of the filling:   

We change color by taking only the back part of the stitch and do the whole round with slipped stitches.   

The initial strand will be loose so we will have to hold it for the first few stitches and at the end of the round we can secure it with a knot.

If you leave enough yarn you can secure it by passing through 2 or 3 stitches with the help of the yarn needle as we did previously.

                    Al finalizar la vuelta nos quedará así  👇

We do the same as before, cut yarn leaving some yarn, pull the loop to remove the yarn, with a wool needle we pass through the first stitch of the new color and then pass the needle through the back of the previous stitch.  

       We go through the body through 2 or 3 stitches to secure with 1 knot.

To continue we have to make another half the same leaving enough yarn to sew both halves together.

We finish the second half by passing the wool needle through the next stitch and passing the needle through the back of the previous stitch, we do not secure with 1 knot.

🧵 Cosemos ambas mitades:

To sew both halves we will take the back of the stitches and do all slipped stitches.

If you want the filling to show more, you can take the front part of the stitches of both halves

Before closing completely, fill in and secure with 1 knot.

We go through the body with the needle to cut the excess thread and if you want to use as a keychain after going through the body we can form a small loop where we can place the ring.

If you have any doubts as you know you have at the top the link to access the video tutorial.   

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