Here you have the materials I use to make amigurumis. Except for the stuffing, which is from Amazon, the rest I bought from AliExpress, it's cheap and in my case everything usually takes me less than 2 weeks to arrive.

By making a purchase through these links, I receive a small percentage, which helps me to continue to maintain this page and to continue adding more creations. If you are going to make a purchase and you do it from these links, you will be collaborating in the maintenance of this page! Thanks đź™‚.

Yarn Gazzal baby cotton

Special for babies and very soft to the touch. It has a large assortment of colors and amigurumis are absolutely beautiful with this yarn. 

Content: % 60 cotton-% 40 Acrylic.

Quantities: 50 grams/165 meters. For 2 and 3 mm crochet hooks.

Case with accessories

A very practical case with many accessories. Includes marker and lap counter, meter, ruler, ruler, wool needle, scissors and much more... Undoubtedly, it is the necessary kit to get started in this world. It includes a total of 100 accessories and is available in different colors. Ideal to have your work corner well organized.

Eyes and noses with safety latches

Little box with eyes of different sizes and colors. It also includes different types of noses. The safety latches are very resistant. Clicking on the link you will see different boxes where the number of pieces included varies.

Wide handle crochet hooks pack

If you have seen some of my video tutorials, this is the crochet model I use. It is very comfortable, light and resistant. In the pack come 8 crochet hooks of different sizes, starting from 2.5 mm to 6.0 mm at a super economical price.

Amigurumi stuffing

I bought the 500 GR and in two years I still have the bag half full. It is very thick, soft and does not leave lumps. Without a doubt I recommend this stuffing.

Key rings

Set of 100 rings to attach your amigurumis and take them everywhere. Very economical for the quantity that comes in the package.

Hot silicone gun

Some amigurumis have some parts that are glued together. The silicone gun is a great help for those moments and I assure you that you will end up giving it more use than you think. Silicone sticks are also very economical