About me

  • Picture of a small part of the family

Years ago, there was very little variety of tutorial videos for left-handed knitters, especially for beginners. After several attempts watching videos for right-handed knitters to learn how to knit where I made a ball and got a rhombus, I gave up.

As I didn't understand the concepts of each stitch at that time and I learned by looking at the screen, I ended up getting confused because the image was upside down for me!

As time went by, tutorials more adapted to my level appeared and seeing that, if I made a ball, it came out round, I was encouraged to make more and more of these adorable little dolls. 

I was so encouraged that in the end I decided to make tutorial videos. I had the idea of adding things that I missed in my beginnings, something like seeing how to sew the different parts step by step or in stitches that are a bit more complex, an explanation that is more paused.

I hope you enjoy making them as much as I do.